Latroymen Crain
Hello Ladies,

How are you doing? My name is Latroymen Crain and I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm 35 years of age and I'm a Leo.

My reason for writing this is to seek a die hard friendshp BFF that could blossom to bigger and better opportunties. Before any type of relationship takes place between men and women, they should become friends first.

Furthermore, I'm looking for someone who is compatible to my mind, body and soul to every walk of life. I've been told by family and friends that I possess these five qualities: caring, attentive, open minded, ambitious and confident.

I'm pretty sure most people in this world have dream. My dream is to build on a machine that records all dreams because if we can remember our dream throughout our journey in life it could help us by warning us, inspiring us and motivating us.

When it comes to what I look for in a woman, I can't say because it all boils down to that connection we share between each other. I like to hangout with women that are sensitive but I'm not going to lie, I like a woman that's a little bipolar LOL. I don't have any preference when it comes to shape, size or nationality but I do prefer more of a seasoned woman for the simple fact that simplicity comes hard to the younger generation. I do believe all women are beautiful in their own way. I'm not perfect so she doesn't have to be perfect. The object is to build that perfection together.

I can be respond thru corrlinks but I can only respond via mail so please leave your information.

With that being said I look forward to our newfound relation.
God Bless
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African American
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