Hello... I'm seeking friendship, perhaps more, nothing less. I am open minded, curious, and friendly. I seek to connect with anyone who is stable, with similar education, interests, and likes, or if different then lets see... opposites attract..? Maybe so...

I am a guitar player, songwriter and I produce my own music with my small studio. That is my hobby and love. Its not a criteria. I lean toward alternative / experimental / accessible rock music. I like some country music. I love classical music. I support PBS/NPR. I also enjoy simple things like walks, bicycling, and conversation. I am an avid reader. I grew up reading hard science fiction and I still do. I've read many classics as well as contemporary fiction. I tend to follow sociopolitical issues. I am socially progressive and politically independent but usually support Dems. I am 61, yet I'm mentally and emotionally younger.

I admit I've had some difficult times in my life and its been awhile since I've had stability so I'm looking forward to that. I'm very easy going and accepting and seek same in others. I rarely drink. I do not understand angry or hostile people or those who tend to judge others harshly. Avoid. I have an open mind. I am mildly introverted. I like listening to live music and I might do it again myself one day. Maybe. If you are of the arts, sing or play piano or another instrument that would be nice, but it's not a criteria.

Please send email, or write me.
Thank you. ----- Randy


Randall Duff # 1050750
Lawrenceville Correctional Center
1607 Planters Road
Lawrenceville   VA   23868   USA
Lapsed Catholic
Robbery, NonViolent VA Code 18.258.4
Release Date
Randall Duff
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Ad Expiration:  07-15-22
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