Terrell Terry
Terrell Terry # 1038171
Red Onion State Prison
P O Box 970
Pound   VA   24279   USA
I just would like to take this opportunity to share with the world one of the greatest decisions I ever made in my life, becoming Christian and allowing Jesus Christ to come into my life. Everything immediately became better. Now I'm more intelligent, more understanding, more compassionate, more loyal, etc. It's this misconception that if you build a relationship with Christ you become less cool, old or out of touch with reality which is so far from the truth it don't make no sense because all Christ want to do is make you better and give you back a piece of power most of us lose when it comes to many different things created within this world.

I could have took this whole profile and talked about how much of a great person I am, but Christ is the only reason I'm able to wake up in such a wicked environment and still manage to be kind, loving, friendly, understanding, etc. Only because of him I'm the great man I am today. He’s made me a walking living blessing that brings nothing but happiness to anybody's life I come in contact with. Because only when you know your value can you start to be valuable.

I love to read letters but if you want a faster response you can email me through JPay.com and I will respond immediately.

Remember God only made one of you so that makes you a beautiful created special person that's one of a kind.

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African American
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