Marc Lamihaute
Marc Lamihaute # 103702
Osborn Correctional Institution
100 Bilton road
Somers   CT   06071   USA
Hi Everyone!
My name is Marc P. Lamihaute. I’m really excited to meet some new people. I came into prison at a really young age (14 years old) and I've been incarcerated for over 40 years. Because I’ve been in prison for so long, I deeply value friendships and relationships. That is why I’ve decided to create this profile. I want to feel connected to people outside of these walls.

A few things about myself one; I am Catholic and I’ve been an altar server on the altar for the priest for 25 years.

I’ve worked in the prison’s print shop for 25 years and enjoy my job very much and before coming to prison I really enjoyed the outside-camping and fishing. God willing I’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors one day.

I’m serving an indeterminate sentence, so that means that every few years I go in front of the parole board. I’ve been denied 9 times. My payer is that with the shift in criminal justice towards a more restore process and with developments in brain science on the late adolescent brain, I’ll be given a second chance at life.

As I said, I’m looking for someone to connect with outside of these walls. It has been a long 40 years and I’d like to share my story.

Love & Prayers
Marc P. Lamihaute

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French American
Murder, Kidnapping, Assault
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence