Jamal Carter
Hey friends!

How is life treating you? Hope all is well as for me things will get better once I hear from you (smile).

Well to give you a little about me. I'm from Norfolk, Virginia. I'm 35 years old. I have one son he's 11 years old and I'm currently awaiting on an interstate compact which means I'm waiting to be shipped to another state which I won't know which state I'll end up in until the day I leave, hopefully I'll end up in your state so you could come visit (LOL).

Upon my release I plan on getting my GED, get certified in HVAC and also get a few other trades.

I'm looking forward to meeting a young lady whose not afraid to let me get to know the real her, like what's her likes and dislikes her dos and don'ts her deepest secrets. A friend who's looking for a friend to grow with, a young lady I could go jet skiing with, shoot pool with, someone to share a few of my hobbies and deepest secrets with her.
I'm looking for a friend and who knows as time goes on and we grow as friends first the future may be bright just might (smile)!

Tell me a lil bout you like where you from, do you have kids, what's your interest or what type of friend you're looking to meet. Would ask your age but eight nobody tyrna be fussing with you all day (ugly) LOL. I hope to hear from you soon.
Jamal Carter # 1198360
P O Box 650
Indian Springs, NV 89070  USA
African American
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