Christopher Ashley # 102549
Limon Correctional Facility
49030 Highway 71
Limon   CO   80826   USA
Christopher Ashley
My purpose in placing myself on this site is simply to find someone to share myself with. Certainly, my condition of being incarcerated will hinder me physically from touching you, but I hope that mentally, emotionally and spiritually we can build a house (relationship) together to find substance based off of who we are and not what or where we are!

Sadly, the world is plastic and it seems that a person's looks, clothing or finances defines their worth more than their character, which always makes me question the thought of what makes a person a good person? “A person may look good but are they good (in heart)?” I'm seeking to find moral goodness and inner beauty within a woman. I learned that people are like fruit, so don't be deceived. Don't be the one who goes to the grocery store looking at the skin of an apple. First, you have to bite into it and see what the inside is like. Many people in relationships, fell head over heels over the skins that people wear. They ate the forbidden fruit (chased the physical part of the person, rather searching the mental, emotional and spiritual parts), only to find out in time that the person was rotten. Truly, it's more about compatibility of mind, than body. My search is for substance, maturity, honesty and moral prettiness. If you would like to take a mental walk with me and find out who I ‘am, please write… is the fastest way to write. Leave return address or number…

African American
Felony Murder
Serving A Life Sentence
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