James  Donta'e Green
Name: Donta'e. Age: 31.  Ht: 5'11".  Wt: 190  lbs. Zodiac Sign: Cancer. Place of birth: Newport News, VA. Hobbies: turning 1 into 2 ($), working out.

To tell you a  lil bit about myself, I'm in prison for murder. I've been incarcerated since I was 14 years old. Due to my upbringing and the environment I was raised in I became a product of my environment early on in my life, and I made some decisions in my youth that I'm still paying for today, but I assure you I ain't nearly the individual my charges would suggest to you I am.

Me personally I'm convinced that the key to longevity in most relationships is to first ground yourself in a foundation of great friendship, and in my humble opinion I believe I possess the qualities of a great friend and I wanna offer that friendship to a mature and genuine woman. Someone who speaks her mind and is not into games. I enjoy a woman with a sense of humor and just good vibe about herself.

As far as nationalities I don't really have a preference and this ain't necessarily a requirement, but as far as physical features I'm partial to a big butt and a smile :) I guess I'm typical that way don't fault me for my honesty though.

I wanna apologize to you in advance in case I happen to leave much to be desired in describing to you who and what type of person I am, but listen I ain't selling no dreams here! You and I both know that the mouth was made to say anything sweetheart so it would be nothin for me to express to you whatever I thought might allure someone, but it's a fact that the only way for you to come to know the truth behind the words would be for you to get to know me for yourself anyway. So I prefer to leave that for the journey, but if I must then just know this-to know me is to love me!

It ain't my intentions to be long-winded with this missive, so with that being said if you've read anything that may have piqued your curiosity then by all means don't be a stranger!

A great friend.

To email me-go to jpay.com and set up an email account.
James Green #1019742
Sussex 2 State Prison

James Donta'e Green # 1019742
Sussex 2 State Prison
24427 Musselwhite Drive 
Waverly, VA 23891 USA
African American
Release Date
2029(Subject to Change)
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