William  Roby
Ironically, my story begins at an apartment building I shared with my wife nine years called the "Plantation Apartments".

A year after my wife had died 2009, I began a relationship with a Caucasian woman who moved into my building and her prejudice family cause many problems in this relationship.

In May 2011 we had an altercation at my apartment and the next morning we went back to her apartment because she had to get ready for work. Later that morning after I left she called the police department and they advised her to meet them at Mercy Hospital, I was arrested very late that afternoon being charged with first-degree kidnapping.

I bonded out of jail a week later and went to the grocery store to purchase something, I was accused again by her and her sister for threatening them in a public place. I was found not guilty of this crime a month later and was released from jail again.

During depositions concerning my original charge, I was forced by the county attorney to sit in another room and watch her give statements from a TV monitor concerning these charges. My lawyer ever asked the question why she "called"me three months later after accusing me of these charges.

The eyes of my white jury made the last moment plea agreement feel like freedom. I was facing a high tech lynching! The new J.C. of the 21st-century.

William Roby # 1019293 B
Newton Correctional Facility
P O Box 218
Newton, IA 50208 USA
African American
Jesus Only
3rd Sex Abuse,3rd Kidnapping, Domestic Assault
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