Aaron Johnson
Hello my name is Aaron. 

I am giving this site a chance to help me connect with someone who is looking for someone to confide in. I am also looking for the same thing. I am not about games, or trickery. I want to place all my cards on the table.

I'm from Richmond, Virginia. I'm 38 years old. I've been locked up since I was 16 years old. The last 22 years have been full of growing up, and learning to survive in prison. During that time I have always had a yearning for correspondence with the outside world other than the people I grew up with and my family members. I can survive in here alone but I can thrive in here with your connection.

With the new mail system in VA's DOC the best way to contact me is with JayPay.com with my name and state number you can sign up to email me, it is free to sign up but cheaper and faster than normal snail mail.

I am open to any and all conversations. I'm an open-minded person. I watch movies, TV and love a lot of sports and music. I do have a release date so in about 12 years with good time I will be home.

I'm looking for a light at the end of this dark tunnel that's not a train. If that light turns into a flickering flame that turns into a fire that turns into a blaze that turns into a supernova then I hope it never sets on our smiles.

I hope these words gave you an idea of the type of person that I am, and would make you want to grace me with an email to get to know me better.
Aaron Johnson  # 1019193
Lunenburg Correctional Center
690 Falls Road
Victoria, VA 23974 USA
African American
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-02-17
Ad Expiration:11-02-18