Jeremy Michael Neff
Jeremy Michael Neff # 1018678
Indian Creek Correctional Center
P O Box 16481
Chesapeake   VA   23328   USA
Contact me through mail or and set up an account and Email me that way.

Stop Here!

My name is Jeremy.  Ladies there is no reason to continue to search any longer for anyone else as I feel I just might be the one
J you been looking for.  I am full of fun I‘m open minded.  I love sports, I Love fishing, hiking, swimming and laying under the stars.  I am very athletic as I am in the process now of obtaining my degree in becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and looking toward opening a small gym starting off upon release.  Nothing about me is boring.  I stay on the go other than nights that requires’ special attention to that Special Lady that picks me J.  Just for the record I’m not a creep or weirdo, I’m just a human being that honestly got caught up for some dumb stuff and if and when you ask me, I promise to tell up the truth.  I don’t lie regardless. I know what you think “yea right, men don’t lie” well you might not like my words sometimes, but everyone tells me, Hey Jeremy that’s what makes you-you.   But I’m looking for that right one I know you’re out there.

So come on, stop hiding and come scoop me up, white or black, we can ride together and we will become one.

Your friend, Jeremy, AKA Lucky

Ad Start: 09-23-21
Ad Expiration:  09-23-22
Probation Violation, Petit Larceny
Release Date