Hello Everyone,
I’m Travis and I’m 34 years old, very educated Black male looking for a soul mate/friends.  I have a record of all kinds of petty stuff due to being addicted to drugs and alcohol.  I’m sober now and I feel better than ever.  I’ve gotten honest with myself, so anything you want to know I will tell you.  I have nothing to hide.  I’ve been hurt so much it’s very hard for me to trust anyone.  I really hope to find Ms. Right.

Anyway, I’m a County Boy who loves to cook, fish, roof houses and anything else that’s outside.  I take care of my household by any means and not too proud to do any job.  Family keeps me going.  I’m very family friendly and willing to protect them at all cost.  I’m looking for friendships and relationships.  So ladies, I can’t tell you everything about me, some stuff has to stay a mystery.  Write me and find out all the good stuff.

Respectfully Yours,
Travis H.


Travis D Humphreys # 1013061
Alexander Correctional Institution
633 Old Landfill Road
Taylorsville   NC   28681   USA
Travis D Humphreys
African American
Habitual Felon, Tomp Elect Mon Der
Release Date
Ad Start:   07-29-21
Ad Expiration:  07-29-22
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