Saladin Howell # 09813-007
F C I Raybrook
P O Box 900
Raybrook   NY   12977   USA
Saladin Howell
I like music, certain types of books, and cowboy movies. I really like The Walking Dead, but no one here does; I like running and weight lifting, two or three times a week unless work gets in the way. I still have and I’m blessed to have the love, respect and support of all of my family: many of my elders have passed on into the next life and the rest of us remember them well. I like to ask direct questions and get direct answers, and don’t mind the same of myself so I don’t feel any questions about me is too much, especially in light of the nightmare of Covid-19 and the lives gone. I usually take time to reflect on myself these days being so much is changing so fast and sometimes it’s nice to take things slow and easy. People spend so much time on social media yelling at one another, that I hope the time will come again when listening will be part of life.

I am looking forward to better days and good conversations under sunny skies take good care of yourself, oh yea I am hoping you will respond!

African American
Burglary2nd Degree
Parole 09/2022
Ad Start: 09-02-2021
Ad Expiration: 09-02-2022