Rodney Adkins
Rodney Adkins # 097368
P O Box 500
Grady   AR   71644   USA
Hello, wherever you may be. I was raised in a small town deep in Arkansas. A childhood of abuse and poverty left me with no moral upbringing or social skills. I became institutionalized at an early age, going to prison while still a juvenile. I lived a very lonely existence, Most of my adult life I was solitary. God was There. I became a Christian and loved the Bible.

With time, I began to study other religions. Then I fell into the dark arts and the occult. Eventually, I was introduced to Diddah Yoga, when the wheels were pierced I came full circle to my first and greatest love, Jesus Christ with great passion. I am seeking members of my soul group, who I can pray for all with. I want to experience a spiritual family fun of love, abounding joy and everlasting peace. I believe we make heaven or hell in our own hearts. And I want to share the joy and comfort I've found in the Lord.

It’s been revealed to me that a very dark day is coming. I want to share the light, Pray for peace, prosperity and protection. It would be my pleasure to have those in my life  that I can cover.

I’ve experienced  a lot, yet, I know that love conquers all. I am very open. I have no prejudices or hate. We are all God’s children. There’s no reason for division for any reason.

I have no children. My parents are gone. I’ve been very lonely at times until I realized that God never left or has forsaken me.

The spirit revealed to me He would introduce me to His inner circle.

I look forward to hearing from you .

May God Greatly Bless You.

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