Charles Johnston

My name is Charles. My friends and the people I care about call me Chuck or joker. I would be more than happy to discuss my situation with someone that would be happy to listen. I have been told that I'm very good at listening myself.

I am a kind, caring, loving man that seeking like-minded people to converse with. In other words I'm seeking people with beautiful, old souls. Are you seeking something like that too? I hope so.

I am a very active person. I've worked in the construction field most of my life. I've always loved building and working with my hands. I've worked all over the country. I've seen lots of places work hard, play hard. I miss getting to go camping, hiking, swimming , climbing, hunting and getting to ride ATV's. I would be just as happy taking a walk to watch the sunset though. I have always been able to see the beauty in nature. The only beauty I've been able to find in here is on my job as a horticulture worker. I take care of the flowers inside the green house and the ones in the offices all over the prison.

I get brought everything that's dying and nurture it back to health. My job means a lot to me because it gives me something to care for in here. It makes me miss my pets that I've had in the past.

I exercise every day. I work out Monday through Friday and I have a calisthenics work out I do every day. I'm 6 foot even, 200 pounds and plan to be in a state of physical perfection when I leave here. I also write poetry and like to sing.

If I sound like an interesting person write me. Not everyone is guilty…
Charles Johnston  # 0965928
Hyde Correctional Institution
P O Box 278   
Swan Quarter   NC   27885   USA
Women, Friends,
Legal Help
Native American
Native American
2nd° Kidnap, Possession of Firearm
Release Date
Ad Start: 10-01-20
Ad Expiration:10-01-22