Justin Milliam
Attention: Ladies 

Are you still looking for that  Mr, Right? Tired of receiving mail from men who like to play games. Well did you forget to send me your address.

Look ladies I'm willing to write any and all mature adults looking for good conversation, friendship and possibly a long-term relationship. Love to listen to music, watch movies, cook, clean, workout, eat good, and have a good time. I love to read books and write heartfelt letters, I love to dance, shop and have great sex.

I'm very spiritual, loving, kind, considerate, loyal, caring, faithful, patient. I have a G.S.O.H.. I'm very romantic, spontaneous, dropdead gorgeous. I'm one hell of a father so I love kids. I'm every woman's wet dream, fantasy. I'm a really good listener, I'm not judgmental so your past, your age, race, what you look like and how much you weigh really doesn't matter to me because I'm more interested in your personality and characteristics than anything else but anyway I'm looking for a really good woman and or friend. Someone who's down to earth, real and isn't on that drama queen sh*t. Someone who's on my level, is searching of a long-term relationship, is willing to settle down and get married one day.

Look ladies am self-sufficient so I'm not interested in your money and what you can do for me. I'm only interested in your friendship and making you happy. So if you're feeling this real S*it right here then you've stumbled upon the right page so please let's not waste each other's time, just pick up that pen and pad take down my info and get at me.

Justin Milliam # 0942883
Alexander Correctional Institution
633 Old Landfill Road   
Taylorsville, NC 28681 USA
Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
African American
2nd° Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-14-19
Ad Expiration:11-14-20