Bryan Amaro
Aliens are among us!! Not me-I've always looked strange! Maybe it's the zombie apocalypse we need to worry about, either way, the voices in my head agree that I could use a friend today. "they never agree-progress!"

My name is Bryan Gene Amaro, and I'm currently immersed in a progressive treatment strategy for reformist. Okay… Okay… I'm locked up… Yeah, that was my poor attempt at sugar-coating it. It would take a whole book to explain all the bad luck and wrong turns-a perfect storm, that led me down this dreadful journey that I call life. I am a survivor, something that I used to be proud of; I've come to realize that life isn't just about survival, but living with purpose and passion! Now I am on a path of helping myself and others find their "WHY". My "WHY" is my future, because I plan to live and thrive there. I used to be that kid who was always fighting, and who through gum in girls hair and got paddled for; all innocent misunderstandings of course! To sum it up, I was a jerk.

Can people change? I've survived a painful childhood, parentless teenage years, the streets, and more than a decade in prison. Today I am a nerd who is an avid book reader, and one who believes in happy endings and rainbows. I'm striving to be an entrepreneur and having some of my art and literature published.

I have much to be proud of and hopeful for these days, but I have come to realize that I have no real friends to share; my successes, fears, dreams, and secrets with. If you are "bottled up" like me, let's pour each other a glass and share in some laughs. A good cry-and never judge. What are you passionate about?

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Bryan Gene Amaro # 938760
You can write me on JPay, or
P O Box 1678
Cleveland, TX 77328

Bryan Amaro # 0938760
Cleveland Unit
P O Box 1678
Cleveland, TX 77328  USA

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