Michael Lee LoneWolf
Hi and Hello!  I write this on February 3rd, 2021.  First, I want it known for the record should you read this and I come off in any way bold and egotistical that is so not me.

It’s easy to write and be clever and witty when you can sit there and reflect upon it.  The truth is, I am shy, quiet and soft-spoken and I so apologize for having to write this from prison.  I consider myself a good-person.  My daughter tells me I’m a good person.  I try to be and I more than anything, want to leave this world on the positive side.  With age, comes wisdom.  I’ve went through my stages and like most everyone else, I unknowingly plowed head-first into experiences I never should have.  I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’ve heard it said the only way you can see the light is to be in the dark.  I’m a God-fearing man.  I didn’t used to be matter of fact, I was very naive or should I say unaffected by what’s really out in that great big world.  These last 3 or 4 years especially for me have been eye-opening, mind-blowing, humbling years of existence.  So, in my wisdom or by the grace of God or something I stopped and started looking around.  Life truly is amazing.  I’m glad and blessed to have made it this far.  My current name is Michael Lee LoneWolf.  I am adopted and my adopted name was Michael Leroy Jones.  But I was born as Michael Lee Stephan.  I had it legally changed to Michael Lee LoneWolf in my early twenties.  I just turned 52 on January 18, I was born in 1969.  The last name of LoneWolf was my biological Grandmothers maiden name, whom I’ve never met and passed years ago.  As you may surmise by the name, I chose, yes I am Indian.  Full-blood Native American from 2 different tribes.  ½ Kiowa and ½ Athabascan.  I was born in Los Angeles, California and lived in foster care with 2 of my younger full brothers until at age 7.  I was adopted with only one of my brothers by a Caucasian couple, who moved me and my brother out here to Arkansas.  So, I was raised by a white family.  I’ve been here ever since.  Would have went back west long ago, but I have my only daughter and 3 grandchildren in Fort Smith whom I would miss too much if I left.  I know, cause I tried it once, even though honestly I hate it here in Arkansas.

I go up for parole in August 2021 on a charge of breaking & entering, not planned or intentional, but alcohol-related and a bad day.  Married but separated for past 12 years.  Single and just reaching out, cause who doesn’t need more friends.  6 foot, 200 pounds, long-black hair almost to my waist.  Would love to compare notes.

Until then, my Best Wishes, Michael!

Michael Lee LoneWolf # 091259
East Arkansas Regional Unit
P O Box 970
Marianna   AR   72360 USA
Shamanic Christianity
Breaking & Entering
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-18-21
Ad Expiration:  03-18-22