Lance Wickner # 090257
1111 Highway 73
Moose Lake   MN   55767   USA
Lance Wickner
I’m Ojibwe from the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe. I’m looking for a woman to correspond with and call and talk to. My interests include business (Hustling). I love making money, art, I like to draw, portraits mostly and I’m working on expanding my drawings to other topics. I will be posting pictures of my art work soon, if I haven’t already. I like to read books, both fiction and non-fiction. I like to learn new things about astronomy and think about what different planets would be like.

I’m also looking for a woman to bond with trust, love, respect and sharing. I have a lot of love, warmth and affection to give. I don’t discriminate as to race, looks or age. If you have an open, kind disposition, then we can get to know each other from there. It is easy for me to become emotionally close to others. I am comfortable depending on others and having others depend on me.

I want to be in a  relationship where our feelings and emotions are heard and understood through effective communication. Know that we are blessed with the knowledge that we are special to each other. I want you to feel like I choose you to be a part of something wonderful that we create together.

If you are friendly and want to be my friend, then please contact me. Send pictures also, I like to see who I’m writing or talking to.

I do correspondence, but prefer phone contact so  you can send me your number and sometimes in the week I can call, prepaid.

Native American
Native American
Civilly Committed Sex Offender
Ad Start: 10-14-2021
Ad Expiration: 10-14-2022