William Parker
William Parker # 0839450
Eastern Correctional Institution
P O Box 247
Phoenix   MD   21131   USA
I go by my middle name, Anthony, 36 years young with blue eyes and a crooked country smile. I’ve been absent from society for over 8 years now, with a bit under 2 left. I’ve lost a lot, but I’ve gained a lot of valuable meaning to life, family, friends, and time. Life has a way of showing you what it has to offer, especially when it gets taken away.

There is so much I want to experience. I love to travel. I love anything to do with the water. I like to be outside, at the beach watching the sunset, down to the backyard watching the stars, looking for the little moments of clarity and truth that happens upon us at moments of beauty. I’m looking forward to sharing moments with someone that finds joy in the little things in life. After all, in the end, it’s really just us, all else will fall away and what you have built with someone will shine through the chaos of this world.

You could say I’m a passionate kind of guy. I believe in happiness. I believe in God. I believe the way to happiness is through God. It’s been a long ride. I can’t wait to get out of   this place, but until then I would like to open myself to someone who would listen, care and understand my passions, troubles and goals. In return, I would like to be a listening, caring, and understanding person for you.

Tell me your problems, concerns, experiences. Let’s share our thoughts on subjects, let’s build. Life isn’t measured by the amount of breaths you take, but by the experiences that take your breath away. Let me give you something to smile about, let's begin this journey.

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Women, Friends
Caucasian, Native American
Habitual B&E
Release Date