Melvin Fagan

I am searching for true friendship from a real woman, race is not important, but, loyalty is a must.

I am in a difficult situation to seek a relationship, but if it is meant to be, it will be.  None of us are able to choose the blessings that come to us.  If you are tired of being lied to or treated as if you are not worthy, I can help you understand your fault with your situation with hopes of helping you feel better.  My life has been a ral learning experience for me and I continue to grow with each new day. 

My situation forced me to be a man, and I try hard to live according to the standards of a real man everyday. Alot of women are in so much pain today because they lack the understanding of their real worth, and they continue to measure themselves by the shapes of their backsides, or the size of their breast, by putting on barely enough clothes to cover themselves, or by wearing clothes that are so tight that they have to lay down in order to button them up, and then they step out with hopes of attracting a real man who will treat them right.  Women must understand that when they walk down the street and get whistled at, that is an act of shame, because you whistle at dogs, not at a real woman.  Some think that it is attractive to dress like a stripper, but they don't realize that they are only attracting a dog of a man who will eventually make a bitch out of them.  A real man don't want no wman that lacks understanding of her real worth, how can a real man play his part when his woman don't understand the way that he is cherishing her?  A real woman understands that a man must be worthy of her in order to have her. 

Why are so many women lonely? 
Why are they hurting? 
Why do they feel not wanted? 
All of these questions can be answered by understanding your self worth, women are GOD'S most precious creation, they are natural nurturers, HE did not make it possible for man to reproduce. 

In closing, I say this to all women, you are worth so much more than you understand, respect yourself and happiness will find you, Know your self worth and worthiness will come to you, do not give yourself to no man just to feel wanted or for pleasure, your true pleasure is being treated as the woman that you are.  If a man is not worthy of you, don't give yourself to him.   

Your Friend Melvin

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