My name is Martquell Johnson.  Born and raised in NC.   While this picture of me is seven years old, there hasn’t been much change.  Okay, add a few pounds and throw some gray in the beard.  I won’t pretend to be the perfect individual.  My current situation is testament to that being a lie.  But I am a man that has grown and matured immensely.  In my growth and continuing journey to become a better me, and hold on to my sanity, I know that I need positive people in my life.  That’s what I’m searching for with this ad.  I’ve been at this thing awhile now (15 years) and could use a good friend.  Someone I can come to when I’m not having the best of days and vice versa.  I’m family oriented and thank God daily for having the support I’ve been given by mine.

I’ve come to enjoy relaxing with a good book, and with all honesty, just started exercising.  With this pandemic, these have become trying times, on top of what we may have already been going through, so I pray for the safety of you and yours.

Look forward to hearing from you.  Take care.


Martquell Johnson # 0805785
Scotland Correctional Institution
22383 McGirts Bridge Road
Laurinburg   NC   28352   USA
Martquell Johnson
African American
2nd Degree Murder, Conspiracy
Release Date
Ad Start:   06-03-21
Ad Expiration:  06-03-22
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