Julio A. Zelaya-Sorto
Julio Adalberto Zelaya-Sorto # 0790597   
Tabor Correctional Institution
4600 Swamp Fox Highway W  
Tabor City, NC 28463 USA
On that note. I just wanna  "shout out "to all the beautiful ladies out there.

I would like to take this opportunity to meet new people and sharing in their thoughts. I speak both Spanish-English. I'm very blunt and honest. I have a very loyal heart. I'm a mature male in my 50s. I'm a Gemini so is pretty easy to get along with. Even though I'm easy to get along with the most serious and impish. I was brought up well.

What is your name? Take a moment to drop me a few lines, tell me what subjects interest you.
Do you succeed in all your dreams, goals, or aspirations.
Have open the door to your acting career?

I want to talk to you mail or calls just excited to get. So helped emotional health. I enjoy the fact that I know that I am putting smiles on female faces.

My hobbies are handball. All kinds of music has always it makes me feel relaxed. I've been working out all the times. I love it. I love having positive people around me. Great friends being able to talk about life, normal stuff.

I wanted to reach as many unique people with different styles and cultures with women who I can admire and trust. Please hit me up and me know what you think of my spread or even to chat. I want my friends to really get to know me.

Thanks a million to all of you., nice to meet you! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Women, Friends
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