Jacques Floyd
Jacques Floyd # 0760158   
Polk Correctional Institution 
P O Box 2500    
Butner, NC 27509 USA

I am looking to meet someone that I can be real with and get realness from. I get out this year and am hoping to meet somebody with whom I can continue what we find while I'm incarcerated.

Are you tired of lies and people who lack honesty, sincerity, and respect? So am I. And I promise that if you're like me, too old to play games, that I will shower you with affection, attention, and appreciation.

I lost my mom 9-14-18 my heart, and my backbone, so I'm on my own this time. This is my last time incarcerated. It's sad that it took losing her for me to say that. But this is my last chance to get it right. I've got a couple of businesses I'm starting so that my grandkids don't have to struggle or give into the struggle like I did.

Please don't pity me, just befriend me. Hopefully it'll be meaningful and lasting. Just like me. (Smile).

I don't care about your race or size, but I do loves me some big girls. This picture is about 10 years old, but it was all I had. I look pretty much the same, my hair is long and I have a little gray, but still a cool dude.

I hope you'll help me change the feeling of loneliness that I've been feeling most of my life, and if you're tired of being alone maybe I can help you too.

Write soon, I'm waiting for you.

African American
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