Bakeer Dawkins
Have you ever seen a rose blooming alone in the midst of the concrete, making you wonder how it got there? Or witnessed a black butterfly struggling to break free from the cocoon he once made for himself and you wanted so badly to help but had to allow nature to take its course?

In all these things you have seen me. Lovely and mystical to the eyes, feisty and determined at heart, with a humbled spirit of an unrecognized King!!!

Honestly, I've experienced the downside of life in my youth. I felt the pain hard rain can bring. Now as a man, I want to experience the sunshine! To the one woman who's willing to show me this, I offer you in return, my loyalty, devotion, understanding, bliss, affection, faithfulness, heart, body and soul. To be frank, I'm tired of being lonely, having no love and no one to love in return.

I've been heartbroken for many years, unwilling to love out of fear of being hurt, but within this time, I have broken down life, studied it carefully and placed it back together. I now know that is a blessing in every lesson, everyone isn't the same, and what hasn't killed me, only made me stronger. Now I'm capable of loving and if you'll be my muscle, I promise to be your strongest backbone!

Patiently waiting…
Bakeer Dawkins # 0675437
633 Old Landfill Road
Taylorsville, NC 28681 USA
African American
Kidnapping Attempted Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 12-28-17
Ad Expiration:12-28-19