Scott Hill
Hey-Hi-Hello out there. 

My name is Scott and since you are reading this you have taken the first step in meeting your future best friend. (Wink-wink).

A little about me: I am a former US Army Ranger. So yeah, I am a little crazy, but in a great way. Before I came here I owned a real estate investment company where I bought, fixed up and rented properties. One day I will start again.

I love to learn and build myself up mentally and physically. I am a carpenter by trade but while in here I have kept myself busy going to school and have learned multiple new trades that will help me start my company back up.

Now, I am a very positive person and try to see the good in everyone, so I smile a lot and try to be funny but, Lord save me, I cannot tell a joke to save my life Ha! Ha!

Anything to be done outdoors is for me. I love to sail, rock climb, go to the beach and work out. Indoors, I can read a good book in one sitting, play and lose at chess, or get so frustrated at doing a hard crossword puzzle that I ball it up, throw it across the room, then run over, pick it up and try to finish it. LOL.

When you look at me you will see a very serious, passionate man that is single, has no kids (sadly) and is extremely reliable, dependable and not so bad on the eyes.

I love amusement parks and animals both can  turn me into a little kid in no time. There is almost nothing better than playing with a dog, riding a roller coasters and eating a pound of walnut fudge.

I am into anything fun and will try anything onceā€¦ Or twice. I am an open-minded man and looking to meet people who are loyal and believe that friendship should last for ever.

Anyway, that is enough about me tell me all about you. I have two big ears and am pretty good at listening.

Remember, you cannot win if you don't take a chance and play the game :) tag, you're it!!

"A real friend is one who walks and when the rest of the world walks out."
Scott Hill  # 0643514
Pamlico Correctional Institution
601 N Third Street
Bayboro, NC 28515 USA

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