Type of ad - Personal / Basic

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Sex - Male

DOB - 05/22/72

Seeking - Women

Race - Caucasian, French, 1/4 Native

Religion -

Convicted Of - Murder

Release Date - 31 Serving a Life Sentence

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Hello there, how are you? I'm fine my name is Albert Ouimet, pronounce We-met and yes it's a French name. I am mostly French and 1/4 native. I am 42 years old and serving another 15 years before I'm eligible for parole and I'm currently in a medium institution in Gravenhurst Ontario. I have been in prison now for almost 9 years and yes my sentence is 25 years. I made a serious mistake when I let drugs & alcohol taken over my life but, I received treatment since then and have my head on straight now and I'm hoping to meet a kind understanding mature woman that could see through the mistakes I've made and see the real good heart I have inside and the love I'm looking to share with a woman who does not use drugs… Or alcohol in an abusive manner.

Here is the most recent picture I could find which was from a visit with my mother last summer.

I like to work out, not much else to do in prison. It's important to stay healthy for when I get out one day I will be getting out :) So, as I've said if you're a kind, understanding woman, I have a big heart and would love to hear from you.


Albert Ouimet # 061895D
Beaver Creek Correctional Institution Medium
P O Box 5500
Gravenhurst, Ontario P1P 1Y6 CANADA

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