Michael Orange
Hi, my name is Michael. I'm currently serving a federal prison sentence where I've been the past 9 years. While incarcerated I spend most of my time communicating with my family, exercising and attending church/educational programs. During my spare time I enjoy reading, playing basketball, listening to music and watching movies/sports TV.

I have a lot of goals. My current goal is getting out of this place moving forward with my life in the outside world, which is why I keep busy and surround myself with positive, humble, productive people who have similar goals or intentions as mine. My future goal is owning several businesses.

At this point in time of my life I'm looking to meet a female friend and potential future business partner. Someone who's strong-minded, ambitious, educated and intelligent. Someone who knows what she wants out of life and have what it takes to accomplish those things. A woman who won't allow material things or what people say or think define who she is. Instead she's respectful, reliable and at all times conduct herself like a lady. I'm interested in meeting someone I can learn from and in return this someone can learn from me. Our friendship would be built on honesty, loyalty and trust.

If the person I described issue, then don't hesitate to write and share with me whatever it is you would like to build on. I'm a very open-minded person and will respond to all the letters.

Have a nice day.
Michael Orange # 06125-003  
P O Box 3900
Adelanto, CA 92301 USA
African American
Possession of Cocaine
Long Date 09/19/24 Short Date 12/19/18
Ad Start: 09-15-16
Ad Expiration:09-15-18