Radi Meyers
Radi Meyers # 0601743
Rutherford Correctional
P O Box 127
Spindale   NC   28160    USA
My name is Radi Meyers. I am from Jersey City, NJ but I reside in Charlotte,
NC.  I am six ½ feet tall, brown skin complex, low haircut and 254 pounds with a muscular build.

I am serving a 10 ½ year prison sentence for murder and firearm charges.

I'm easy going, very laid back and respectful towards women. I like to have fun. I can be the life of the party when I want. I work, I love hard and I don't lie that's my pet peeve as long as a person tells the truth we can work anything out with each other. I'm not a picky person when it comes to love or relationships. I've been known as a lady's man my whole life. I've been known as a good person towards the women in my life. I'm single by choice. I have been asked to get married by ex-girlfriends since I've been in prison but didn't do it. I like independent women regardless of race, age or weight. I love a person for who they are.

I'm a positive type with a very strong mind. I am a very sexual person. There is a lot more to know about me and if you're a woman who is interested, contact me and will go from there.

My release date is10/07/2023 and I am willing to change locations if it's real love.

I am also accepting all donations to build back what I lost. I have a seventeen year old son who I stay in contact with and a step-daughter who's a young teen.

Until we meet
God bless

African American
I am a Man of All Faiths
Murder, Firearm
Release Date
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