Wilson Derr # 0534793
Albermarle Correctional Facility
P O Box 247
Phoenix   MD   21131   USA
Wilson Derr
Hi Ms Lady… How are you doing today? Hope that my ad has brought a smile upon your face, yes that smile. Right there. First, I would like to thank you for the time you have taken out of your life to glance at my ad, Wilson is my government name, I go by Jamie. My intentions are to meet a nice lady through this penpal opportunity. I am housed at A C.I. in Badin, N.C. serving an 8 yr. sentence for a common law robbery charge, which was enhanced by a habitual felon status. I do have a charge pending from 2018. My release date is 12-22-2027, at this time.

I’m from Lincolnton, N.C., lived in Charlotte, N.C. since 1987. I’m so sorry for the wrong I did to obtain this time that I’m serving in no way am I proud of what I did.  If I could change that day, I would.  From this day forward all I can do is do each day one day at a time, focus on my life & how I can change some of my ways. I pray each day for forgiveness from the Lord above. Do each day the best way I know how. I’m reaching out to a lady that’s willing to give  guy on lock down an opportunity to scibe, prove & show her that just because I’m here, doesn’t mean that I’m a bad guy. I just did a bad thing.

I’m 6’2”, 260 lbs, nicknames DeBo. I was given that name in a good way not a mean one. I love to work out every day, rain or shine. I have lots of hobbies, draw, ping-pong, reading, softball “Baking” that’s my job here on state. I love baking it takes me back to the free world at times. I love horseshoes, B-Ball, singing - I may not be Luther, but I try, haha,- love to read the Bible. I’m a prankster at times, I’m an upbeat guy, always. I love country music, I’m single, but I have been married twice (11 yrs total). Have one son, great son-(1) grandson. My heart is my mother and my best friend.

Even though I’m here at P.S.I presently I’ve done a lot of good in my life, love to work, held down some great job out in that world. I.B.M. Federal Reserve Bank- welded for a great company - M&L Riggers, attended college I have had a drug addiction in my life, bee free from that grip of death for many yrs now. I have no secrets, I’m a man who has made a few mistakes in life, but I’m paying for my wrongs each and every day, especially the nights.

Are you a lady that’s willing to reach out and say Hi? Put me on notice that I’ve at least raised your curiosity.

If you have logged onto my ad, I thank you very much and hope that someday I hear from you.
May God Bless you and keep you safe always.
Wilson Jamie Derr

African American
Common Law Robbery
Ad Start: 09-02-2021
Ad Expiration: 09-02-2022