Antonio Norman
ATTENTION: Big Beautiful Woman....

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and I hope you're doing well. Perhaps you're open minded or at least curious about me? Well, I'm curious about you too! Infact, I like my woman like I like my milkshake-cool, thick, and sweet. If that describes you in any way, build with me on a level of FRIENDSHIP, maybe more?

Truth be told, I'm paying a debt to society for an unwise decision I made, but I assure you, I've definitely grown and changed for the better. Given the opportunity, I will treat you with love and the utmost respect, and always find a way to make you feel special.

I love to laugh and make people smile, you know, build up rather than tear down, Additionally, I also love kids and the family atomosphere, (french) Bulldogs, fried chicken and waffles, being outdoors, and lastly,just doing fun things. But above all, I love God.

I truly look forward to the next chapter in my life, and would really enjoy finding that good woman who would enjoy writing and sharing her thoughts and opinions with someone who's here to listen.

I'm ready if you are. So if you have it in your heart to be my friend… Feel free to write me. I'll be waiting!

My best to you,

Antonio Norman  # 0525071
Hyde Correctional Institution
P O Box 278 
Swan Quarter, NC 27885 USA
Women, Friends
African American
2nd Degree Rape
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-18-19
Ad Expiration:04-18-20