Daniel Allen
Hello! Thank you for checking out my ad.  

My name is Daniel and I am 5'9",215 lbs. all my associates and so-called friends call me Dash which is my nickname. I'm originally from New Jersey and have been incarcerated for 21 years." Sad right?" Well that's because there is an unjust legal system in this state and no matter if you're innocent or not, you become just property to them or should I say "a deposit"into their #1 money making system (prison). But on to positive things. I do speak a little Spanish and learning other languages.

I'm 46 years of age and I have two years or less to complete my sentence. I'm a straight male who's just looking for friendship and advice making a smooth transition back into society. Someone who is compassionate, honest, and positive. Honesty is very important because lies only cause hurt, and distrust. Besides lies get you nowhere but in a bad place mentally. I dislike liars and pretenders.

Before my incarceration I used to love to swim, work out, go on trips at the blink of the moment. I love to ride street bikes (motorcycles) and just enjoy life. I'm also a good listener and will always respond to your letters and give positive feedback and a true response. No mind games or playing on one's emotions.

I am hopeful that we could share thoughts, ideas, and life stories to put each other in a good place mentally. I love to read good books and I use to write short stories, but stopped once the fake friends and so-called family members stopped communicating. It only made me stronger as a man. Since my incarceration I've taken numerous college courses.(Computer programming, commercial cleaning, carpentry, electrical wiring, brick masonry, I can even cook. I took that 6 month course as well. Now who's hungry?:) LOL and of course I love to eat.

So if you're interested in communicating, being or becoming a friend, I look forward to hearing from you and doing the same. Until pen meets paper or the computer prints out your letter, be safe enjoy life and don't take life or your days on earth for granted. 

Peace & blessings
A friend,
Daniel Allen # 0519820
Maury Correctional Institution
P O Box 509
Maury, NC 28544 USA

African American
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