Gardy Jean-Baptiste
Hello world,  

To begin my name is  "Gardy", but I'm known as  "Prince". I'm placing the an ad in hopes of meeting a friend who's committed to her commitments, cultured worldly, dedicated & insistent. A woman who is intelligent, beautiful, motivated & dutiful with no games playing… Just 100% real.

I'm the type of man that likes to meet new people. I'm a cerebral dude so for me meeting new people is a gateway to life thru someone else's eyes. That explains why I have a strong dislike for "Fake"people!

Personality wise, I'm a poet at heart & a warrior in mind; which is to say that I'm not afraid to feel passionate about something's, nor am I intimidated by the obstacles that life often places in my way. I'm a young man who's been in prison for 16 years, and I now remain 9 years left to go home. Since being in prison, I acquired a GED & completed numerous academic programs. And I'm proud & excited to share with the world that, recently I was admitted into BPI (Bard Prison Initiative). I'm pursuing a higher learning/education through Bard College for my associates art degree and will continue to acquire a bachelor degree. I'm gonna be honest, this level of education is not easy (Smiling). It's a challenge for me, but a challenge I'm meeting head on! Through my professors and my classmates, my mind has opened up to new different perspectives. I don't profess to be a perfect man, by all means I'm going to strive every day to be a good one! Through my affiliation with Bard, I'll be the best of my cohorts!

Favorite quote: "When the going is the hardest, just keep on keeping on and you'll get there sooner than someone who finds the going easy"!~

As you can see, I'm a man that loves to work out (smiling). I read literature & write poetry. I love to listen to Neyo Soul, Calypso, Soft Pop, Soft Cournty & laugh.

Questions for my readers:
1. Do you seek a friend who'll make you happy or makes a difference in your life?
2. Does a good woman prefer a man who has time, but little money or a man with money, but little time?!
3. Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time? Who?
4. How do you know if you possess good purpose and meaning?!
5. "A person who has many friends has problems"! Do you agree?!

In ending, am I asking too much from someone I wish to know? For only she can grasp all my attention, capture my mind & have me proudly call her my friend. We live once & die forever. I always try to live the life I love & love the life I live! Who dares to see life thru my eyes? Here's the caveat, you might get sucked in. Smiling!!

I live in hope,

Gardy Jean-Baptiste # 04A2387
Green Haven Correctional Facility
P O Box 4000
Stormville, NY 12582-4000 USA

Women, Donations, Legal Help
African American Hispanic
Murder 2nd Degree
Ad Start:  09-14-18
Ad Expiration: