Ottis McGill
Ottis McGill # 0495229
Alexander Correctional Institution
633 Old Landfill Road
Taylorsville   NC   28681   USA
Hello beautiful;

My name is Ottis McGill and I’m 46 years old. I have been in the N.C. prison system for 9 years. I’m looking for someone to correspond with, get to know and have a few laughs with.

I enjoy listening to music, reading books with action and suspense and watching movies.

In prison, I have various occupations that I enjoy doing, painting, waxing floors and cooking. I usually work alone doing these jobs and I guess that solitude is what I like best because I'm able to get my thoughts together and mentally escape my harsh reality.

I would love to meet someone that is funny, outgoing, intelligent, caring, compassionate and passionate about what they really want because I consider myself as that type of man. I pride myself on being honest and straightforward so I can honestly say that my life has had its share of hardships that always caused me to make the wrong decisions in my past, that caused me to become incarcerated.

Over time, I have grown and I still continue to grow but I realize that much more growth is needed for my completion of feeling whole. That peace and love that has been missing from my life is due to the fact that there hasn't been a significant other in my life for a long time. They say, beside every strong woman, there is a strong man. I’m hoping to find a woman with the strength to help me become a stronger man and become an unbreakable bond.

If you're reading this I would love the opportunity to get to know you and what you do day to day.

If you have dreams and future goals, I would love to hear about them and also your likes, your dislikes, your favorite things to do, places you like to go and foods you like to eat.

Hopefully, you will take a chance on me and allow me to meet you.

Ad Start: 07-14-2022
Ad Expiration:  07-14-2023
African American
Common Law Robbery, Hibitual
Release Date