Marshall M. Brown
Marshall M Brown # 0291620   
MacDougall Correctional Institution 
1153 East Street South  
Suffield, CT 06080 USA
Business Minded Jamaican Man looking to meet a very nice  ZAFTIG woman for long-term friendship. Someone who likes to laugh, outgoing, business minded, likes traveling the world and most of all likes trying new things.

Time is rapidly slipping away and I needed to accomplish my dream of bringing back the good Reggae music Reggae music isn't the same anymore. My goal is to get out of prison and open a state of the art Reggae music studio.

For this ad, race is definitely unimportant. Few bits and pieces of myself. I'm from St. Catherine, Jamaica and I'm from the northern section of that Province very very deep countryside. That's where I grew up until I migrated for the USA.

I'm also a father and a grandfather. Electrician by trade and also very good at preparing several varieties of Jamaican food. If you're that "ZAFTIG" female I'm longing to meet then Please "Gimmi" your link, "Gimmie translate as "give me". "Gimmi" is an everyday language used in Jamaica.

Please take care while I await a candid lucky reply.

Very truly yours,
Mr. Marshall M. Brown #291620
Women, Legal Help
Afro Jamaican
Attempted Murder
Release Date
12/20/35 But Keeps Changing
Ad Start: 08-02-18
Ad Expiration:
Basic Ad