Darcell Davis
Darcell Davis # 0269313   
Richard A Hamlin Correctional Facility
1728 W Bluewater Highway   
Ionia, MI 48846-8553 USA
I appreciate your time and consideration in corresponding with me.

Being detained does little to the man behind this pen. I'm honest, humorous, understanding, ambitious and focused on my goals of becoming an entrepreneur, CEO,and founder of my non-profit organization From Boys to Men.
I enjoy reading, playing chess, conversing as well as listening. They say people educate people so listening is my strong point.

With every new day I learn something valuable about human nature, and that everyone needs someone. We are a valuable asset to be cultivated, stimulated and enjoyed.

I love life and the challenges that come before success.

I am on this site to extend my hand in friendship. I feel I have something to offer in all areas. The only thing I can't give right now is the physical.If that's not an issue then allow your curiosity to motivate a quick and positive response.

There's so much more about me that I wish to share, but all of who I am can not be defined in 250 words.Besides...actions speak louder anyway, right???

Be blessed.

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African American
Believer of God
Armed Robbery
Release Date
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