Gordon Ray Thomas Jr
Close friends refer to me as  "Ray". Hopefully, you'll be doing likewise.

I was a nursing assistant and student, when I was arrested prior to that, I was a Marine. I grew up in Opelousas, LA before video games, so I prefer outdoor activities. I am the oldest of five children. This has given me the true importance of family, friendship, and responsibility.

I play saxophone, an avid reader, and can cook those creole dishes that make you put extra time in the gym. My guilty pleasures are learning of new technologies, sitcoms (especially SNL), and enjoying my own cooking entirely too much. I love children, but have none of my own. I love dogs. Cats are okay. I enjoy places that remind me there is something greater than ourselves, that awe-inspiring view.

During my incarceration, I have acquired skills in woodworking, leather craft, maintenance, graphic arts. I enjoy helping people, which led to tutoring and suicide prevention.

My release date is like"yikes", but considering where I began this journey, I am very fortunate. Because of that journey, I know I have a future.

I am looking for a friend not an attorney. I would like and need a little "handholding"for the final leg of my journey. I want to correspond with someone who speaks the truth, but accepts their truth isn't the only truth. A sense of humor is a plus, but you must have the heart and open mind for serious discussions. Most important, love yourself. I want us to be better for having known one another, which isn't possible if we don't love ourselves. Warts and all. Kindness, friendship and love are my core principles. Regardless of the religion or its deity, the fundamental tenant of most of them is love. Love can't exist without kindness and friendship. These principles have kept me sane and maintained my humanity in the midst of chaos. Friendship shines a light on every soul it touches. So, shine your light and I'll shine mine. Let's see what we can discover together.

Until we meet, be happy, be kind, and don't just live your life, BE ALIVE within it… Feel all of it!
Gordon Ray Thomas Jr # 02610095
FCC- Medium-E-1
P O Box 5000 
Yazoo City, MS 39194 USA
Women, Men, Friends
African American
Convicted Felon with Firerm (ACCA)
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-07-19
Ad Expiration:11-07-20