Shannon Thomas
Shannon Thomas # 02427084
Holliday Unit
295 IH 45 North
Huntsville   TX   77320   USA
Most people do not take advantage of the opportunity to change their lives. Instead, they continue to live as though they will become successful by chance. Often in life we go through trials and tribulations and sometimes these trials and tribulations can and will be the pivotal turning point of our lives. We have to be responsible enough to know when it's time to try something new and take charge of our lives.

We all go through things in our lives that will either tear us down or be fuel for us to go harder. Us as people have to come to the realization that we can't control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it. My advice or recommendation to someone who is going through a turning point in their lives is to “Have Faith and Never Give Up”. We should always remember that we control how we react to every situation so rather than reacting as a guitar, our reaction should be as of a winner who never gives up.

Life is about overcoming obstacles and problem solving, but the most important of the two is problem solving. The key to problem solving is weighing the disadvantages against the advantages of your preferred solution which will help you determine how to make a good decision. In my case, the disadvantages of  me living the way I lived before incarceration were overwhelmingly outweighing the advantages of how I live now. When I compare the version of my current self to the version of my past self I can see a dramatic change in the way I think, live and view the world. I am inspired and motivated to see what the future holds for me and how I will impact society upon my release.

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Women, Friends,
African American
Free Thinker
Aggravated Assault
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