Hello, how are you doing? Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sterling Clay. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I’m 6 feet tall, weigh about 235, green/hazel eyes, light complexion and single.

There are a lot of things I enjoy in life such as reading, writing, drawing, watching movies, listening to all kinds of music and yes I like to travel. As you can see in my picture I do have a few tattoos and I recently got my dermal done. In this life I’ve dealt with many different obstacles so I've become a person who doesn’t judge, knows how to give advice and I live life to the fullest. I also love to laugh.

I guess in life it’s good to have someone on both sides of the coin.

If you're looking for a fun person and also someone who's serious when needed, don't hesitate to write and tell me about the beautiful person you are. Always know I want to thank you for the time it took to read this profile because I know time is the most valuable thing in life. Don’t forget you now have an open ear when it's needed.


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Sterling Clay
Caucasian, Hispanic
Aggravated Robbery
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