Hello there future friends. Thank you for taking your time to find me.  Take a walk with me would you?  Let me start by saying I hope that all is well with you and everything around you.

My name is Benito Reyes, I’m 25 and looking for friends to write to.  I have been doing time alone and frankly, I just want someone to talk to.  It’s good for the soul and clears the mind and heart up. Maybe we could both help each other through this part of our lives.  I am true to the soul always.  I find myself wanting to meet people who are also on this journey.  That’s what has brought me here. I am a loyal friend and take pride in being here for you “No Matter What”.

We have all been through so much alone and I hate that.  We should all have someone to talk to.  Tell me you don’t feel the same way?  I would love for any and all to write to me.  I only ask that you know and love yourself.   Write to me friends, I’ll be waiting. If you write through “JPay”, please leave your address to respond back to. Thank you all.

B. Reyes


Benito Reyes # 02318983
Lychner Unit
2350 Atascocita Road
Humble   TX   77396   USA
Benito Reyes
Women, Men, Friends
Injury to Child
Release Date
Ad Start:   12-16-21
Ad Expiration:  12-16-22
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