Taylor Foster
Taylor Foster # 02312666   
Crain Unit Reception
1401 State School Road    
Gatesville, TX 76599 USA
I'm 29 and I'm Texas born and raised.

I'm a cancer and a very open-minded person. I grew up in the panhandle. I'm an only child and am blessed with a wonderful family who I put through a lot the last couple of years with my bad decisions.

Before that I graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2011. I studied small business. I hope to own a shop of my own design some day. I had a corporate position and felt like I was losing my soul so I got out of my career of 4 years and fully believe in following your passions.

I have many different interests/hobbies including antiques, vintage/old-school cars, photography, traveling, refinishing everything from furniture to homes, and mechanics. I'm a very hands-on person, who loves to learn a little about everything.

The other thing that makes my world complete is music. I sing and can play the piano. I love concerts and really all kinds of music, real oldies to current day hits. I've always had a soft spot for rock and metal but also have gained a huge appreciation for Rap& R&B.

I'm looking for penpals to keep me company and see where things go. Please don't be afraid to ask if I left anything out.

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