Samuel Washington
Hello Queen, It is my belief that in life the only thing we are given is opportunity. Some opportunities are seemingly more obvious; while others we barely notice. I’ll be honest, the idea that I can find my helpmate through such an informal means, seems to me to be what we could call a barely noticeable opportunity. However, it is an opportunity nonetheless. An opportunity that I certainly don’t plan to take for granted and I pray that you are moving with the same purpose in mind! So with that, please allow me to introduce my presence. My name is Samuel Washington, I’m 43 yrs old, no children, although I love them and certainly don’t mind a woman that has any. I am currently doing a 4 yr. prison sentence and as of today have half done. I am a God fearing man and enjoy spending time with my Savior, both here and out in the world.
I’m 5’10 and about 230 lbs. As you can see, I’m not a small man and I love to eat! “LOL” But I also enjoy working out all the same! I prefer full-figured women but to be honest I'm mostly attracted to what’s inside, so body type doesn’t matter more than character. In a perfect world, my ideal mate would be caring, God fearing, a great listener, willing to follow my lead, a great cook, loyal & above all else, here to stay. That’s right...I’m hoping to find a lifetime commitment. Marriage is the goal, but I do understand that life is progressive, so I don’t expect to take things too fast. This is just me establishing over communication with my potential future mate. I certainly don’t want to mislead anyone with my intentions so honesty is a must here. Also, when I am released I will essentially be starting all the way over again which means your location wouldn’t be an issue for me either. I am willing and planning to relocate upon release.  A few of my favorite authors are Napoleon Hill, David Deida and Jonah Berger. I love R&B - R. Kelley, Dru Hill and Rome are a must on any decent playlist. LOL, to sum it up, I’m a simple man with an old soul. I really look forward to your response and if things go good enough -  the opportunity to pour into you - mind, body and soul. Although I am looking to build permanence, don’t feel pressured to go heavy into your initial letter to me. A simple Hello along with a  little about yourself will go a long way with me.😊 In closing, I do pray you found my page in high spirits and that God keeps you safe until we meet again. With respect and humility. If you are comfortable I’d love a picture of you, included in your intro, so I can put a beautiful face to the name.

Samuel Washington # 02309014
Dalhart Unit
11950 FM 998
Dalhart   TX   79022   USA

Ad Start: 09-30-21
Ad Expiration: 09-30-22
African American
Car Theft, House Burglary
Release Date