Eusabio Jose Perez Jr
Eusablo Jose Perez Jr # 02302523   
Ferguson Unit
12120 Savage Drive    
Midway, TX 75825 USA
Let me introduce myself my name is Eusabio know as Sabio. I'm 21 years old i'm 5' 4" tall, Hispanic raised and born in Abilene, TX.

I'm a looking for some positive friendships and engage in conversation. A person who I can write or call on a regular basis. I'm very easy going, a good sense of humor so don't be shy to write me if your interested. I only ask that you be open minded with me and not be quick to cast judgement on me because of the predicament I'm in. I welcome anybody to contact me who will have a positive influence and who are willing to help me cope with all the negativity that comes with being incarcerated. 

A little bit about how I'm making my time go by is working out, writing, reading books, listening to music. I'm also currently going to school to get my GED then I will further my education.

I'm currently in the process of an appeal for a lesser sentence.

Well I'm not sure what else to put in this ad. So if your interested feel free to write and ask.

Thanks for reading hope to hear from you soon. 
Women, Friends
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-09-20
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