I’m Vanessa Bateman from a small country town in Marlin, TX. I’ve lived there all my life. I plan to move away and do better things in life.

First I want to say my photo is not the best and I wasn’t at my best at the time, but I've grown and see the real beauty is inside.

I love who I am today inside and out. I want a positive, good friendship that's going to help me thru this hard time/set back as I continue to blossom into the beautiful woman I've become.

I have a facebook page with more of who I am as a person. “It's just my name.”   If you feel the want to be a friend we can write or talk over the phone, the websites are J-Pay and TexasPrisonPhones.com.

I would like to get to know the good in you, not the GAMES.

I am a very down to earth person and like to listen. I have a big heart and cherish my friendships. I like older guys because they can show me more and have had their fun.
I’m more laid back and like to enjoy my time and when I do things it's a joyous moment. Look me up on my facebook and write J-Pay.com or set your phone up with TDCJ website.

I would love to make a loyal friendship thru this connection.


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Vanessa Bateman
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