Oscar Avilez
Hi and hello, my name is Oscar! 

I'm okay, hope you are too. I'm Hispanic American, Latino breed I must say. Well, I must say I'm in the Texas prison system on a two year bid really, really bored at certain times.

I'm looking for someone that's willing to write with friendship, compatibility, and companionship. With an open mind, just as I am.

How do you treat yourself in your life?
What are your goals for 2020?
What is your background and family life?
And anything extra you feel like you want to write me. Or tell me.

I'm from San Antonio, TX! Born and raised. I love working in construction and demolition. Working side projects as a handyman, and up to the most is planning on going to college and majoring in computer science and basic courses of construction technology. The least is enrolling into vocation classes and becoming licensed certified to become a heavy machine operator. I have an earning to gain and strive for.

I have major goals, for a major come back. Anyhow, change subject. I have a very good family that's very successful, that have never been into trouble except me. I'm here (prison). I love reading novels, exercising and playing dominoes! That's about all I do… As well as minding my business and giving respect to receive respect.

In conclusion, I'm no bad guy, just have made mistakes in my life. If you're interested in writing please respond. May you please take care!

May you please have an understanding, i"m cool, calm and collected. And very open minded and always love a positive atmosphere! And like good, slow rhythm in the spirit. What about you!?

So… I'm a "short timer", so please write to see what I'm about. God bless & can't wait to see what you're about!

Oscar Avilez

The real American dream isn't just about money, it represents all genuine individual search and striving for the abiding values of life!!

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