Wilburn Ishmael
Wilburn Ishmael # 02262200
Powledge - B2 T/C
1400 MF 3452
Palestine   TX   75803   USA
Sell Myself. That's the task at hand. Say something. Anything. Catch your eye and hold your attention. Handsome enough. Quick wit with a Southern charm. I have a devilish grin, hazel eyes and close to silver hair. That's me at face value. But it's what's beneath the surface that's worthwhile. Sounds good, right?

I'm no stranger to hard work. I've been a faithful husband, a good dad, excelled in the oil field, And work as a business consultant. However, I've also sold drugs, been a womanizer and became an absent father. I found success in both life styles, but true happiness, only in one. I miss the good life and the good vibes.

I like to sing off key, dance off beat,and laugh until my face hurts. Fast cars, slow drivers. Taking shots shooting pool. Cuddling to a movie. Talking the night away. All fun with the right person. Connecting via pen and pad could be a challenge, but I'm up for it. I'm an open book. Safe words are always fun. Truth is a must. Communication is key.

I still have my rebel boots. A quiet life doesn't have to mean boring. Hope I held your attention.

Ad Start: 01-20-22
Ad Expiration:  01-20-23
Native Amreican
Assault, Family Violence
Release Date
Min 11/2022
Max 10/2028