Billy Driggers
Billy Driggers # 02261314
P O Box 660400
Dallas   TX   75266   USA
I am looking for the most amazing pen pal in the world. If this is you please read on. Great, you're still here. I knew I would find you. If I can convince you that I am worth the time it will take you to write to me. I think we'll both be happy that we did.

So here goes. I am extremely funny once I get past being shy. I have a big heart and I use at least half of my brain. I can be a smart-ass at times but only in fun. I am a good listener. I love to read. I love music “All kinds”. I'm loyal. I'm faithful. I love art. My favorite thing to do is ride motorcycles. I have been on them since I was 6 years old. There is a lot that goes into me. I am a deep person. Please let me know about you. Likes, Dislikes?

If you write I will write back! You can IM me on the app and I can message you right back and will.

Okay. Short reason I am here. Drug charge. My wife died in a car wreck in 2013. I did not handle it well. I turned to drugs for comfort and here I am.

I have spent my time bettering myself in here and hopefully I will get out sometime after June of 2024.

Two more things, I don't care what race you are and I don't need your money. Just your friendship. My pics were just taken last Dec.

Hope to meet you soon.

Ad Start: 09-07-2023
Ad Expiration:  09-07-2024
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