Hey my name is Nicolette I’m a shy person until once I’m comfortable. Once I’m comfortable I bust out with a fun loving personality. I like to laugh and be myself and have a good time. I want to write with someone that can be there for me and help out and conversate as my time goes by.

While I'm here I do a lot of reading. I love fiction books. I’m on a unit that doesn’t have any classes that I can take so reading helps me pass the time. Hopefully I’ll go to another unit sometime soon.

I’m form a little town so it doesn’t take a lot to impress and interest me. When I’m home I like to spend time with my family and go out of town to find fun activities like going to the mall, movies, bowling and fun parks.

When I get out I just want to get my life together and start living again.

So write to me let's get to know each other and I look forward to it.

If you JPay me, please remember to send an address for me to write back to.


Nicolette Lanham # 02259808
San Saba Unit
206 S Wallace Creek Road
San Saba   TX   76877   USA
Nicolette Lanham
Women, Men, Friends
Hispanic, Caucasian
Manufacturing, Delivery
Release Date
Minimum 2027
Ad Start:  05-12-2022
Ad Expiration:  08-12-2023
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