Michael Brant Boswell
Michael Brant Boswell # 02253881   
Formby Unit
998 County Road AA    
Plainview, TX 79072 USA

My name is Michael Boswell, but I go by Brant my middle name.

I find myself looking for an honest friend that I can get to know and communicate with on a regular basis. I am a very loyal person and would love to meet someone that understands what that means. I am very outgoing, fun, and loving. I love to laugh. I firmly believe a smile can brighten anyone's day. I also believe a sense of humor can go a long way.

I am a heavy equipment operator/welder one pipelines, when I am doing what I am supposed to.

I hope to meet someone very special and sincere. I do not have a lot of time, I come up for parole in September 2019, but I am the first to admit I have made a lot of mistakes, but none that can't  be corrected. I consider each a learning experience.

I am almost 40 now and find myself alone. I am missing out on the best life has to offer-someone to share life with!

In conclusion I hope to hear from you, with expectations of becoming a true friend, and vice versa. Hope to hear from you!

Non-Denominational Christian
Manufacturing Delivery Guns
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2026 Short Way 2022
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