Nathaniel Mata
Well my name is Nathaniel Mata. 

I am 5'5", 25 years old, black hair, brown eyes, athletic body type, weight 157, Hispanic. I do have a lot of tattoos, everywhere but my face. I like to draw portraits.

I'm hoping to make a lady friend to help me pass this time by and see what it leads to. I'm not shy with conversation, I'm open-minded. I like to talk about anything and everything. I love good conversations.

I've been through a lot so there is a lot I know about and learned about. There is also a lot I can learn. I've taken a lot of risk, as my incarceration situation I've been locked up since 02-04-2018. I have two 7 year sentences that are stacked. My charges that I'm currently waiting to see parole for our possession of controlled substance and impede of breath, that is what my first 7 year sentence is for my second 7 years is for another possession of controlled substance, but while I was free I love to make money. I know people have drug addictions. My addiction was money and the fast life.

I can honestly say my intentions on my life was trying to make it better in the wrong ways but honestly there is so much I have to talk about. It's just the limit of words I have left are too short for me to actually really get into any type of detail about me. I am a good listener, I don't mind someone wanting to vent or just talk. But feel free to write a letter. I reply ASAP.
Nathaniel Mata # 02232769
Dolph Briscoe
1459 W Highway 85   
Dilley, TX 78107 USA
Controlled Substance Impede Breath Burglary of Habitation
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-13-20
Ad Expiration:08-13-21