Zachari Ortega
Zachari Ortega # 02230170
Roach Unit
15845 FM 164
Childress   TX   79201   USA
First and foremost, with all that’s happening in this world, you taking the time to read this is very much appreciated and I pray that God has you all the way blessed up.  A lil about me, I’m 29 from Lubbock, Texas.   I’m always on chill mode.  Really, if you can’t change it why stress it and I am forever smiling.  I love to read and expand my mind and try to learn something new every day.

Weighing about 175 pounds, I’m also into physical fitness and if I pop top you’ll see I’ve got more ink then an office printer.  I’ve been gone almost 3 years and all I can say is a lot of lessons learned.  Even in my situation (prison) I can honestly say I feel truly blessed.  While being incarcerated, I’ve acquired the skill of not only being an artist on paper but on skin as well.  And, if you saw some of my work you’d trip that I learned this in prison.  I’m also a Freeworld barber and plan on taking tattooing and cutting hair to the world and get paid for what I love doing.  I want to experience way more than I’ve limited myself to thus far and I’m looking to correspond with someone who feels the same.

So, feel free to connect with me like wi-fi and reply.  There are a couple ways to hit me up ~ either or by mail.  If you happen to choose JPay, please include a replying address in your message or I won’t be able to write back.

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